Welcome to Hideaway Tiny Homes

Life can often be busy, complicated, and stressful.  But your living space doesn’t have to be.  Tiny homes are a great solution for living a more meaningful and less complicated life.  Whether you are looking for a more eco-friendly lifestyle, want to lower your budget, or simply want to downsize and get away from it all, a tiny house is the perfect fit.

Hideaway is a tiny house builder based in Denver, Colorado.  We are dedicated to providing quality tiny houses at an affordable price.  Our master builders have more than 30 years of building experience, and are experts at bringing your tiny house dream to life.  Hideaway has a Class A Contractor’s License, and guarantees that our homes are of the best handcrafted quality.

Hideaway offers tiny houses on wheels or fixed foundation, and offer fully finished and do it yourself shell options.

Love your tiny home but need a little more space? Hideaway builds custom sheds to match your existing tiny home.